Creating calmness

Oak Wood

Our oak lamps are versatile and combine well with almost all furniture and materials. Oak wood emits a lot of light and has an unobtrusive classic effect and brings a decorative touch. This strong and resistant wood with a mostly even grain is popular especially because of its brightness and simplicity.

If you are looking for a light fixture with natural charm and timeless look, then a light fixture made of oak wood veneer is the perfect choice for you. A light fixture made of oak wood veneer will give your home a warm and cozy atmosphere.

The oak veneer has a beautiful brown color with irregular light and dark stripes that make each fixture unique. The grains and colors can vary from slightly light to dark brown tones, creating a distinctive look. The indirect lighting means you won't be blinded and can fully concentrate on the aesthetics of the lights.

Since each lamp is elaborately handcrafted in our studio, all lights are unique and each has its own grain and color. This means that each lamp offers a unique lighting experience and makes your home a special place of well-being.