From purchasing to manufacturing to shipping

We pay attention to sustainability in all areas, starting with the origin of our veneers, the upcycling of leftovers, plastic-free packaging material and CO2-neutral shipping.

Our veneer

All our products are made from wood sourced from FSC certified manufacturers. Veneer is obtained from the wood of selected trees and is often referred to as the "fillet of the tree".

The individual wafer-thin strips of wood are carefully selected and then processed. In classic wood processing, an enormous amount of waste is produced, which is often simply disposed of or burned afterwards. From a tree trunk of 2.40 m length and 0.50 m diameter, approx. 300 sqm of furniture surfaces can be designed with veneer. Due to the so-called "peeling" of the tree, almost no waste is produced.

FSC certification

TheForest Stewardship Councilis an international certification system for more sustainable forest management.

The goal and challenge of the FSC is ecologically sustainable, socially beneficial and economically profitable management of forests worldwide. This includes, among other things, sustainable timber harvesting, a natural forest development area and adapted game populations.


ZERO WASTE - that's what we work towards every day! The leftovers of the wood veneer from which we make our lamps are not disposed of in our studio. Instead, we use it to make bookmarks and fruit bowls, which we sell for a small price. here for a small price. Of all bookmarks purchased through our online shop, we donate 50% of the net proceeds (25% of the fruit bowls) to a non-profit organisation that works to reforest native forests that are increasingly threatened by forest dieback! Here you can find out more.


Our bookmarks are available in walnut, oak, olive ash, cherry and amber and are the perfect match for your favourite book, which is almost certainly also made from trees.

The bookmarks are ideal as a gift. Each bookmark is hand-cut, sanded and finished with a ribbon. You have the choice to choose your wood veneer bookmark according to your taste or let yourself be surprised.

Donation cooperation SDW Cologne

50% of the net proceeds of the bookmarks and 25% of the net proceeds of the fruit bowls will be donated to the Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wälder in Cologne.

The forest in Germany has had to endure a lot in recent years due to the infestation of bark beetles and climate change. We want to advocate for this and contribute to slowly reversing this enormous damage.

As a Cologne-based company, we want to do our bit for our environment and the native forests around us. Our donations are used for tree planting and reforestation in the urban area of Cologne. The SDW, together with the Forestry Administration of the City of Cologne, are helping to create a new forest and plant new trees with their project "A Forest for Cologne". The project involves a 27,000 square metre forest in Raderthal, which is intended to increase the forest area of the Outer Green Belt and make a contribution to climate protection. Native tree species such as beech, oak, Norway maple, field maple, lime, hornbeam and bird cherry are to be used for the reforestation. These tree species tolerate drought particularly well, a characteristic that is especially important in view of climate change.

The problem with many tree planting campaigns, which a lot of companies are currently using to offset their carbon footprint, is that the "trees" are planted as small saplings in parts of Africa and are unfortunately much more susceptible to pests when young and often do not survive at all. We rely on indigenous forests that get the protection and care they need to grow and contribute to our environment in the years after planting.

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