'Find the right light' guide

Watt is lumen and who is kelvin?

In the following guide, we would like to help you decide which light bulb is best suited to our respective lamps made of wood. All our lamps are supplied with a canopy and an E27 lamp socket. Basically, we always recommend LED bulbs, because they are more environmentally friendly and longer lasting. Due to a lower energy demand in contrast to conventional illuminants, up to 23 million tons of CO2 are saved in the EU per year. They can be a bit more expensive to buy, but pay for themselves with their long lifespan. In addition, you save on electricity costs and LED bulbs require up to 50 times less disposal or replacement. A warm white light is recommended for our lights made of wood.

Light colour is measured internationally in Kelvin. The higher the Kelvin value, the cooler or whiter the light. The measure of brightness is luminous flux, which is given in lumens. As with watts, the basic rule here is: the more, the brighter.

Wall Lamps

Gold-plated mirror LED lamps are particularly suitable for our wall luminaires. When the luminaire is mounted on the wall, you look at the top of the lamp from the front. Therefore, the right choice is crucial, especially for optical reasons. The gold-plated mirror LED lamps provide a pleasant light that spreads gently along the wall through our wooden wall lights. Click here for the gold-plated and the black mirror LED.

Floor Lamps

If you like to enjoy a cosier, darker light, these dimmable lumen LEDs are just right for you. Thanks to their dimming function, you can easily regulate the brightness yourself. By switching the light switch several times, the dimming function can be used easily without having to set up a special switch for it. Click here for the Lumen LED.

Pendant lights above the dining table

For bright "spot" lighting above the dining table, these reflector LEDs are particularly suitable. With 12 watts and 1100 lumens, the dining table is illuminated brightly enough and still provides a pleasant atmosphere. The wooden slats of our pendant luminaires are aligned in such a way that enough light can still be emitted to achieve good lighting even above the dining table.


For the tech-savvy and the special extra: these Smart Home LEDs shine optionally from warm to neutral white light to daylight. This illuminant offers a dimming function, 1000 lumens, 9 watts and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, or an app with which all functions can be easily controlled.

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