Meditation and Yoga

Meditation is a series of mindfulness and concentration exercises. Its aim is to achieve a state of inner peace.

Inner peace

Finding relaxation and serenity is becoming increasingly difficult in our fast-paced times. The stressful job, the many obligations and personal challenges are unfortunately part of everyday life for most people. Through the relaxing aura of our lamps, we would like to invite you to find a moment of peace.

The aim of meditation is to focus your mind and thereby calm it. If you meditate regularly over a longer period of time, you will feel the progress. Your health and immune system are strengthened, you feel less stressed and are more balanced. In addition, your ability to concentrate and creativity will increase.

Natural materials

Our wooden lamps are handmade from high quality wood veneer and are an enrichment for your course room or your own living room and bedroom. The wood from sustainable forestry is processed into lamps in our Cologne studio.

The arrangement of the slats creates a unique play of light and the light spreads gently along the wall and ceiling.


During meditation, our wooden lamps spread a warm atmosphere and create a place of well-being. The passive light invites you to relax and reduces the feeling of stress in your body. The light and also the room in which you want to meditate play a central role when it comes to creating the right mood. You should feel comfortable and the light should not dazzle or distract you. For our floor lamps of the collection 'Ardere', we use reflector LEDs that cast the light upwards through the opening. This creates a beautiful pattern on the wall and ceiling, as shown on the right.


The pictures were taken in Katja's beautiful premises. We have equipped the"YOGAMAMA" studio with several lights from our collection. Ardere collection. The studio is centrally located in the Belgian Quarter and offers a wide range of classes. From Yin Yoga and Pilates to Moontime and Kundalini Yoga, you're sure to find a class that suits you. Our floor lamps now decorate the class room and create a warm and relaxing atmosphere.