Our team

Who is behind Gofurnit

In our studio, our founder, Manuel, as well as Alex and Marcel manufacture the lamps by hand. Manuel is the designer of the luminaires. He founded Gofurnit in 2019, thus realising his passion for design and his dream of an environmentally conscious business of his own. Alex and Marcel have been with the company since 2020 and build lamps in our studio for you. The three of them are a well-coordinated team and really enjoy working together. Paula has been working for us as since the beginning of 2021. She takes care of the website for you, including images and texts, and lovingly maintains our social media accounts.


Founder and designer

Favourite lamp: Veneria

Favourite wood type: oak

Favourite drink: Kölsch


Woodworking Hero and Vibe Manager

Favourite lamp: Fleur

Favourite wood type: Olive ash

Favourite drink: Caipirinha


Woodworking Hero

Favourite lamp: Veneria

Favourite wood type: walnut

Favourite drink: Moroccan mint tea


Creative Head and Social Mediaholic

Favourite lamp: Gemma

Favourite wood type: Amber

Favourite drink: Aperol Spritz