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Switch on - switch off!
Handmade lamps made of wood that invite you to relax in a fast-paced time.

In our hectic everyday lives, we often forget ourselves. Finding inner peace and serenity? There is often too little time for that! Our luminaires create a cosy atmosphere in a completely natural way that invites you to relax.

The indirect lighting, the natural materials and the fascinating effect of the spiral design let us forget the stress of everyday life.

Our materials

All our products are made from FSC-certified wood veneer strips. Veneer is obtained from the wood of selected trees and is often referred to as the "fillet of the tree".

When selecting our materials, we only use the best quality from trustworthy manufacturers. Our woods, from which beautiful wooden lamps are created in a complex process, have the FSC certificate.
The goal and challenge of the FSC is an ecologically sustainable, socially beneficial and economically profitable management of forests worldwide. The wood veneers are made of 100% real wood, which are produced in Germany according to our specifications. Considering the high demands we place on the quality and longevity of our luminaires, this is of crucial importance. We use a process that makes the thin wood of the lights enormously resistant. At the same time, their flexibility and unique grain are preserved.

Handmade in Cologne

Our lamps are lovingly and elaborately handcrafted. Each luminaire is unique, even if they are similar in shape and form.

By using naturally grown woods, each trunk has its own lively grain, which comes across particularly strongly when thinly cut and oiled. Each strip is hand-selected by us and is combined with other matching wood strips. Our aim is to produce no waste of our wood, because we stand for sustainability and the conscious use of natural resources. We create bookmarks or decorative bowls from the offcuts, so that no tree has grown in vain.

Impressions from the studio

The last check of our most popular collection, solid oak pendant light Veneria
An insight into our workshop in Cologne Zollstock, where each luminaire is lovingly handcrafted
Founder Manuel Döpper with Alex during the production of a solid wood pendant lamp from the collection Veneria, teamwork is required

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