How our luminaires are produced

All our lights are elaborately handcrafted in our studio in the heart of Cologne. Each individual strip of wood veneer is carefully examined, selected and then combined with matching strips of veneer. Each light is unique, even if they are similar in shape and form. This is because the use of naturally grown wood means that each trunk has its own lively grain. You can find more information about the grains and properties of the individual types of wood in here.

The manufacturing process

After the matching wood veneer strips have been selected, they are now attached to the corpus of the luminaires. The bodies of our luminaires are engraved with our logo by a friendly company, also based in Cologne. The veneer strips have to be precisely measured and cut to fit perfectly around the corpus. Even small, inconspicuous mistakes at the beginning can mean that the luminaire has to be rebuilt. Precise work and high concentration are required at all times. 

The finishing touch

As each of our lights is handmade, we are very happy to consider special requests. You can always send us an email or message on one of our social media accounts or request a special design. here request.

As soon as a lamp is finished, every detail is checked again. If the wooden lamp meets our requirements, it is already packed for you. Sustainability is very important to us, which is why our packaging is 100% plastic-free. Only some paper to protect the lamps, which you can use again for the next birthday or Christmas gift, is needed for shipping.

Our studio

The project Gofurnit started about 3 years ago. Founder and designer behind the luminaires, Manuel Döpper, designed and built the first luminaires at home after studying media design and entrepreneurship. When the dream of his own sustainable company came closer, he rented a small part of a carpenter's workshop for Gofurnit to produce the first luminaires. In the meantime, all our lamps are handmade in our own studio, which we share with artist friends. Our products can be viewed at any time in the shared showroom. A lot will happen here in the future - exciting cooperations with other companies are planned - but we will tell you more about that soon. We are looking forward to it!

Who builds the luminaires?

In our studio, our founder, Manuel, as well as Alex and Frank manufacture the lamps by hand. Manuel is the designer of the luminaires. Inspired by his passion for aesthetics & design, he founded Gofurnit and thus realised his dream of having his own, environmentally conscious studio. Alex joined about a year later. Thanks to his ideas and lively support, we continued to develop. Paula followed at the beginning of 2021 and Frank a little later. Paula actively supports us when it comes to the website, pictures or texts. Her flair for great shots is great. Frank is an experienced carpenter, who is not easily outdone when it comes to woodworking.

You can find more information about Gofurnit and our team at here.

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