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Handmade in Germany

Sustainably certified woods

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5 years product warranty


You like our collections of floor lamps, floor lamps & pendant lamps made of wood but you still can't decide which grain and which color tone fits best to your interior?

No problem, because we offer you free wood samples, you only pay for shipping. Just choose the wood sample set and we will send it to you the next business day. 

When you no longer have a use for the wood pattern set, you can easily remove the gold rivet with a screwdriver, giving you five individual bookmarks to give to friends and family.

The set contains information on the respective types of wood and one pattern/bookmark each

  • Oak
  • Olive ash
  • Walnut
  • Amber tree 
  • Cherry


One wood sample set allowed per customer.

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Get free wood samples

Your satisfaction is important to us. Choose from our variety of wood patterns to find the perfect style for your home. Discover now and get inspired!