Wood Types

Discover our wood types and find out which wood suits your interior.

You can order a selection of your favourites to your home at any time in order to view the wood types at your leisure and decide which wood suits you best.


Our oak lamps are versatile and combine well with almost all furniture and materials. Oak wood emits a lot of light and has an unobtrusive classic effect and brings a decorative touch. This strong and resistant wood with a mostly even grain is popular especially because of its brightness and simplicity.

Amber tree

Amberwood is one of our most filigree wood species. The smooth surface and irregular grain, as well as a fine, even texture, offer a wide spectrum for combinations of all kinds. Amberwood is often combined with other light wood species.


The warm colour of our cherry wood creates a pleasant feel-good atmosphere. The shiny, noble wood with a discreet structure has unique characteristics due to its reddish hue, which can be wonderfully combined with other dark wood types. One characteristic of cherry wood is that it darkens slightly over time, giving it the charm of mid-century furniture.

Olive ash

Olive ash convinces with a subtle basic texture and resembles the wood of the olive tree. Due to a very beautiful, lively grain with alternating light and medium brown playful elements, our lamps made of olive ash are an elegant and light-giving eye-catcher. The flexible wood can be combined with most furniture and materials, we recommend similar light wood types.


The American walnut differs from the amber tree with its strong grey-brown colour and its unmistakable stripes. The wood appearance in general spreads a dignified ambience. The pores of the American walnut are relatively large and the clearly visible growth zones make the wood very decorative. Walnut has been very trendy in recent years and looks particularly cosy in the autumn to winter season.

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