Our Wood

As you may already know, the annual rings of the wood tell us the age of the tree. Each ring represents a year of growth. But what else do annual rings tell us? The width of the rings provides information about the living conditions. Thin rings can be due to drought or pest infestation. The wider the rings, the better off the tree is. Oval rings are mostly found on trees that are exposed to strong winds or grow on slopes.

Which wood do we use?

When selecting our materials, we only use the best quality from trustworthy manufacturers. Our woods, which we source from a German company, are certified according to the FSC standard and are processed into beautiful wooden lamps.

The goal and challenge of the FSC standard is to ensure ecologically sustainable, socially beneficial and economically profitable management of forests worldwide. The wood veneers are made of 100 % real wood, which is produced in Germany according to our specifications. Considering the high demands we place on the quality and longevity of our luminaires, this is of crucial importance. Our wood veneer is a special production with a specially developed fabric structure, which makes the thin wood of the lights enormously resistant. At the same time, their flexibility and unique grain are preserved. 

Our wood species

Our lamps are available in five different types of wood. You can choose from walnut, oak, olive ash, cherry and amber. But how do you decide and how do you know which types of wood go well together? Basically, you can use light and dark wood types as a guide. If you have a light dining room table, for example made of oak, we would therefore recommend choosing one of our light wood lamps such as oak, olive ash or amber tree. If the lamp is not in direct proximity to other wooden furniture, you can go for one of our fancy wooden lamps, for example made of zebrano wood. You can find more detailed information and tips on choosing the right lamp here.

Care of our luminaires

The wood from which we build our lamps is enormously durable and very easy to care for. The wood veneer is oiled by us and is sealed with a UV varnish, which prevents the wood from bleaching due to sunlight. Thanks to the spirally arranged strips, you do not have to deal with dust deposits and the high-quality wood with its very smooth surface does not require any special care. If you do want to clean your lamp, we recommend a simple duster or a slightly damp cloth for wiping.

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